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A7N-8X Capacitor Replacement


From the late 1990’s through the early 2000’s there were a bunch of motherboards (and probably other electronics) manufactured using electrolytic capacitors with rather undurable electrolyte. Assuming you throw your technology away after two years, this isn’t a problem. But I don’t; I try to wring the last bit of useful out of hardware.

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Delta 1010 Repair

delta1010-tI love my Delta 1010. It has given me several years of reliable service. One morning several years ago, I noticed the the VU meter on my Alesis 12R was staying partially lit. Turns out that all of the outputs on the Delta 1010 had noise in them and the audio that did come out was distorted. I thought it might be the end of the road for my 1010, but after a little looking I found that there had been problems with the capacitors on some models. I cracked the case on mine and much to my relief, I spied that one of the caps in the power supply line had swelled and was leaking some electrolyte. How can that be relief? It meant that the problem was probably right there and should be quite easy to fix. Read the rest of this entry »

The Behringer B2301 Repair


B2031In the last episode of the B2301 saga, we watched in horror as capacitors exploded in our beloved monitors. Now begins the task of cleaning up the destruction.

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One Behringer B2031, Fried


B2031One of my B2031 studio monitors crapped out in spectacular fashion last night. In a pyrotechnic display reminiscent of an arc welder, an apparent failure of the power supply treated me to flashes of light, copious amounts of acrid smoke, tiny drippy bits of melted metal and an aural experience only available when large alternating currents pass through components undergoing transition from solid to gas.

Downside: It’s broke.

Upside: I get to take it apart, see what broke and fix it.

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Brook Crompton Motor Repair


R8ZZ BearingThe bearing for the motor on the E2M1.5 vacuum pump came recently and I took a few minutes to put it on. Since it was missing when I bought the pump, I also fabricated a new cover for the cooling fan.

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E2M1.5 Rebuild


E2M1.5 rebuildI ordered a rebuild kit a few days ago from Capitol Vacuum and forthwith it appeared on my doorstep. I also ordered a gallon of grade 19 vacuum pump oil – it is a must-have.

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