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Edwards E2M1.5 Vacuum Pump


Edwards E2M1.5 Vacuum PumpMy last foray into eBay-acquired vacuum technology yielded disappointment. I decided to try again with a model still in production – the Edwards E2M1.5.

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Speedivac 2 Disassembly


Edwards Speedivac 2 Vacuum PumpNo more than 5 minutes passed between the point in time where I opened the box and the point where I was taking the whole thing apart. The first order of business was to get the motor running.

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Edwards Speedivac 2 Vacuum Pump


Edwards Speedivac 2 Vacuum PumpI picked this up from eBay. She’s short on the motor starting capacitor. Hopefully after finding a suitable replacement, she’ll clean up and be ready to suck. This model is supposed to do 45L/min and pull an ultimate vacuum of 0.09 Torr.

It is of British design powered by a motor of the same origin carrying the suitably British name of “Brook Crompton.” I’ll post pictures of disassembly and cleaning as soon as I get around to it.

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