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The Aquamatic 425 Valve


Aquamatic 425In 1998 or so, there was Spud Gun MkI. There are very few surviving pictures of it and even fewer of it in action. It was built wholly of 2″ PVC pipe. Two 10′ joints made up the tank; the barrel was a single 10′ piece. A 1/4-turn ball valve controlled the firing and it was sticky and hard to turn. More important, the person firing the gun was so occupied with turning the valve that they couldn’t watch the spud fly. MkII needed some sort of quick-action big-bore remotely-triggered valve. Several years ago browsing through Mendelson’s in Dayton, this beauty was staring at me from a shelf. I bit.

It was painted with three or four coats of ugly cafeteria-green paint. I stripped it and put a coat of primer and safety yellow on it. I also plumbed it up with a MAC electrically operated valve and a gauge. Until today, it had never been fired. After some less-than-spectacular firing, I tore it down to make sure the piston hadn’t rusted in place. These are the photos. Also included, photos of firing.

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