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Vacuum flange goodies!


Flange stuffIn the mailbag today from LDS Vacuum, we have parts to connect the wayward vacuum pump to the real world. On the left we have a stainless NW16 to 1/4″ NPT adaptor. On the right we have a NW10/NW16 centering ring. Read on for more info.

The pumps at the smaller end of the E2M line use a NW10 flange for their sucking connections. Also known as KF or QF, this is an ISO standard vacuum flange type. In addition to each of the two flanges, a centering ring with a gasket and a clamp are involved in making a connection.

NW10 fittings are a little difficult to come by and NW16 are more popular. The actual flange diameter of the NW10 and NW16 flanges are the same but the interior bore is larger on the ’16. An adaptive centering ring is available to convert the ’10 to a ’16.

Three cheers for lab equipment!

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